Ringo Chan, an international artist, photographer, and marketer based in Hong Kong. He graduated with his MA Photography degree (Distinction) in The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in 2019, and his BSc Psychology degree in 2014. He worked in the marketing and Financial PR industries for over 5 years. Within these years, he gained a lot of experiences in business development, marketing, public relations, media, magazine, finance, and event organization. In 2016, Ringo completed a diploma in digital photography for advertising, and a microfilm production course. Afterwards, he began his commercial photography career as a freelancer.

Ringo is interested in doing different kinds of photo, such as architecture, documentary, portrait, pet, still life, travel and infrared photography. Besides commercial works, Ringo is highly concerned about pet protection issues. In 2017, he participated in a charity pet photography exhibition (‘FOREVER LOVE’), and then he held another solo exhibition (‘YEAR OF THE DOG’) again in 2018. Both exhibitions were being held along with a pet adoption day, both exhibitions were aimed to promote the pet protection and adoption culture in Hong Kong. Apart from these, since Ringo undertook his MA Photography, he started interested in photo books and art photography. ‘Difficulty’, is an art photo project done by him in 2019 during the MA Photography degree. It is a series of images representing human’s coffee cup consumption activities and the environmental footprint behind a coffee cup.

MA Photography


BSc Psychology

2019 The 10 Highly Commended MA Photography Graduates

  • The UCA MA Degree Show

    2019 - United Kingdom

  • Free Range 2019

    2019 - United Kingdom

  • Medway Photo Festival

    2019 - United Kingdom


    2018 - Hong Kong, Charity Exhibition


    2017 - Hong Kong, Charity Exhibition

Why I concern pet issues?

My beloved dog, Dung Dung (it means winter), he is a mongrel. I adopted him in 2015 from a charity organisation, Hong Kong Paws Guardian. He is the first dog I ever keep in my life. He changed my world, my habit, and my living environment. No matter sunny or rainy, I walk Dung Dung every day, to provide him a healthy, happy and positive living habit. Through walking my dog, I am so glad that I can meet a lot of good friends and nice neighborhood. These kind of neighborhood relationships are so precious Hong Kong nowadays.

Also, Dung Dung is the key leaded me to start concerned about pet protection issues. Before Hong Kong Paws Guardian rescued him, he was almost being killed by a man when he was two months old. Through his story, I realized he was so lucky that can be rescued by charity organisation and made me able to meet him. Every day, there are uncountable stray dogs being hurt or kill in Hong Kong. And there are only a small group of people and charities in the society truly concern about their life and future. Hence, I decided to give a hand in spreading the message of pet adoption and protection to more people through my photography. It is a long way to go, not all people willing to accept dog is friend and family member, but it is true that they can understand human’s feelings and emotions. As time goes by, I hope more people will accept dog and willing to adopt them to give a hand in supporting pet adoption and protection.

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